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This document is stored on the Recovery HD partition, but as long as you have an Internet connection available, you can also use Safari to view online documentation such as the Apple Support articles. You are taken to the support section of the Apple site. If you were experiencing a problem with your computer, this would be a good place to look for solutions and information.

How-To Fix Corrupt User Accounts in macOS

You will use some of the Apple support resources later in this guide. Note that closing the Safari window does not actually quit Safari.

This is common among Mac applications, but if you are accustomed to using Microsoft Windows it may be contrary to your expectations. If you backed up your computer with Time Machine, OS X Recovery has the capability to do a full system restoration from that backup. A page of notes on the restoration process appears. It is important to note that this restoration interface will erase all current data and replace it from the backup; other restoration interfaces that let you control which files or folders are restored are examined later.

If you had configured a Time Machine backup target, it would be available here as a source for restoring your system.

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Now you will examine the reinstallation process, but you will not perform the installation. By going through the following steps, you can experience the configuration of an installation without actually waiting for the OS X software to be copied to your system. Do not click the Install button; otherwise the Installer reinstalls OS X, which you do not want to do at this time. The Startup Disk utility allows you to select the volume from which to start up. See All Related Store Items. All rights reserved. Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people.

How to use macOS Recovery

White and Gordon Davisson Jan 22, Watch a video of this tutorial on YouTube. When performing a backup of a macOS volume, Carbon Copy Cloner automatically archives the Recovery HD volume that is associated with the source volume to a disk image.

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This archive can later be restored to another Recovery HD volume. Note: macOS restricts access to Recovery volumes. You must log in as an admin user to create or modify a recovery volume in CCC. Drobo devices do not support dynamic volume resizing reference , and therefore cannot accept a Recovery HD volume.

Things you can do in Internet Recovery Mode

This documentation will refer to the chosen disk as the "donor" disk. No data will be harmed on the donor disk, it will simply be resized so some space can be allocated for the new Recovery HD volume. When the task has completed, the Recovery HD volume will not be mounted on your Desktop, nor will it appear in Disk Utility it's a very special, very hidden volume! You can verify the functionality of this Recovery HD volume by holding down the Option key on startup, then selecting the Recovery HD volume as the startup disk.

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Note: When performing Recovery HD cloning tasks on a laptop, be sure to keep the Mac plugged into an AC power supply for the duration of the task. Recloning the Recovery HD volume may be helpful if the Recovery HD volume is invalid, or its partition type is invalid and it appears on your Desktop.

In some cases you may have reason to remove a Recovery volume from your backup disk. To remove the Recovery HD volume:.


How to Wipe Your Mac and Reinstall macOS from Scratch

While this is a non-destructive task for the donor volume, we recommend that you back up any data on this volume before making partitioning changes to it. If you have not yet updated your backup disk e.

Clean Install Mac OS X Mavericks w/ Recovery Partition & Find my Mac Fix

In most cases, CCC will automatically prompt you to update the Recovery HD associated with your backup volume once you've done your first backup on the new OS. If you are booted from the volume that you have selected in CCC's sidebar, the option to Restore or Remove the Recovery HD associated with that volume will be disabled.