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All you need is the product number.

Free business card templates - How to download business card templates for free

After you have selected your Avery product in Word, or customized a labels document to match the labels that you have, you can prepare Word with the text that you want to print to those labels in a variety of ways. In this topic, Using your Avery product with Word links to instructions for printing a sheet of the same label, a sheet of different labels that you've typed, or merging contact information with a labels document to automatically print labels for those contacts.

Under Printer type , select the type of printer you are using.

In the Label products list, select one of the Avery options. In the Product number list, select the number that matches the product number of your Avery product. If you want the same address or information on all labels in the sheet, type it in the Delivery Address box, and click OK. When you click OK in Labels , Word creates a new document with the information from Delivery Address laid out for printing to the type of labels that you selected.

Designing Business Cards in Word

For more ways to prepare to print labels, see Using your Avery product with Word , later in this topic. Even though you must complete each card on the sheet yourself, you can do this easily with a copy and paste action. If orange is your color, then this is your template.

From an Existing Template

You can see that the orange works like a border making your company name stand out. And to show how easy it is to copy your details to each card, take a look at this screenshot. This card template can work for many types of businesses. It has a masculine, two-color appearance and plenty of space for your contact information. You will notice this template, in addition to the others you will see from Vertex42, gives you places for your phone, mobile, and fax numbers.

This template is called the Ink Saver because the appearance is basic black, white, and gray with no other color. This block-style business card gives you two simple colors. Your contact information is separately nicely from the company name.

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And you can see there is a good amount of room to include your email address, phone number, physical address, and website. If you like the block-style template but are not crazy about the colors, take a look at this business card. It has a business-like blue and a basic appearance. Once again, you have plenty of room for all of your contact details. If this sounds like you and what you really want is to create your own business cards from scratch, you can still use a template for the sheet layout.

Vertex42 has two different blank sheet options. One has 10 cards per sheet and the other has eight cards per sheet.

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So if you use Word regularly, consider using its business card templates. If you use Adobe Illustrator , you can create business cards with it too. You'll always need new computers.

Read More worth buying. He recommends using a professional designer, keeping a simple layout, sticking to the standards business card size of three and one-half inches by two inches, being selective about the information that you include on the card and keeping the back of the card blank or using it for supplemental information. Several applications are available for Mac users who choose to create their own business cards.

Free Business Card Template

Create business cards using the Apple application "Pages" see Resources. The Pages application includes 17 templates that you can customize. Additionally, you may download other templates from the iWorkCommunity website see Resources.